Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ohlone Regional Wilderness, Del Valle Regional Park between Livermore & Sunol

Ann L.
Fremont, CA
4 star rating3/22/2006
If you are a true hiker you have to go to Murietta Falls-at least once! It's a total butt-kicker of a hike and only recommended in the Winter or Early Spring and very strong hikers because otherwise you'll just want to die. Get the $2 wilderness pass (good for one year), parking is $6 (as of 2006) The hike is 12 miles but will feel longer and will take all day. Start very early, say 8am and start hiking. There are lots of climbing involved (3,300 foot climb), and easy to miss the falls since it's off the trail..have to do a cliff scramble down to get to the falls. Also go after it rains otherwise the falls won't be so good. Good views though on the hike. 5/5 difficulty; 8/10 views

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