Friday, February 13, 2009

Weekend Plans?

Valentines Day?

The Great San Francisco Pillow Fight
Leave it to a place like San Francisco to host the most visible incarnation of the Pillow Fight's flash-mob-esque gathering, and subsequent public pillow fight. I would say that a safe thousand people were milling around Justin Herman Plaza at Embarcadero and Market Streets in Downtown San Francisco. As the Ferry Building's clock struck 6pm, the lovey-rage could be cut with a knife from the air around. As 6pm approached, two lines were formed, people wielding pillows took one last breath of air: and running full speed at one another, a Braveheart-like scenario played out. The feathers were everywhere, pilling up to six inches in some parts. Now, this is a community building event if ever I saw one. --Russ Juskalian

Weekend Sherpa suggestions:

That's A Mori: Grab binoculars, lawn chairs, and a thermos filled with goodness, then head to Pacifica's Mori Point for some afternoon basking. From your cliff-top vantage point, scan the waters for migrating gray whales.
Urban Waterfall: Berkeley's got all sorts of hidden treasures within its city limits. One of our favorites: a secret waterfallaccessed from a stairway behind Codornices Park.
Wilbur Wind-down: Soak the day away at Wilbur Hot Springsnear Clear Lake. Try out three different flumes of water ranging from 98 to 110 degrees. Some like it hot!
Northern Comfort: Pedal from San Francisco, across the Golden Gate Bridge, and make a sharp right turn down toCavallo Point Lodge at historic Fort Baker. Enjoy a farm fresh brunch on the patio or sip a warm drink by the outdoor fire pit.

NEXT 3 WEEKENDS OF Next Wave Choreographers, Black Choreographers Festival

I'm helping set up for this show tonight. One the of the performers named Corey Action taught my hip hop class last wednesday. It was so much fun! The best class so far. I went to this festival last week in Oakland at Laney College, it was so great! But the performers were all different. So Laetitcia and I volunteered to help set up for the show tonight and we get to watch it for free! BUT it's only $15.

I invite you to come tonight because it will be in San Francisco at the Dance Missions Theater on 3316 24th Street @ Mission
Watch a video clip here.


This weekend go and check out the Amgen Tour of California!
The largest cycling event in America, the 2009 Amgen Tour of California is a Tour de France-style cycling road race presented by AEG that challenges the world's top professional cycling teams to compete along a demanding, recently expanded, 750-mile course from Sacramento to Escondido from February 14-22, 2009. Founded in 2005 by Breakaway from Cancer. Lance Armstrongs first race back since he retired.
I'm trying to decided if I want to drive to Sacramento for the first day they race 2.4 miles, over in 5 mins but theres lots of events going on in the city it's right by the capital building and they announce the racers.

But then go to the start in Davis or the end in Santa Rosa. 107.6 miles! Santa Rosa is supposebly the best place to cycle in California. So it'd be worth it to go there also.

BUT then if you have Monday free they will be right here. Sausalito-Santa Cruz. They will be riding through San Francisco! I think I will definitely be going to this day!
Stage Map:

Sacramento Sat, Feb 14th 1:30-4pm
Davis - Santa Rosa Sun, Feb 15th Noon-5pm
Sausalito - Santa Cruz Mon, Feb 16th 8:30-2pm
San Jose - Modesto Tues, Feb 17th Noon-5pm
Merced - Clovis 18th 11-5pm
Visalia - Pasa Robles 19th 10-5pm
Solvang 20th 12-3pm
Santa Clarita - Pasa Robles 21st 12-4pm
Rancho Bernardo - Escondido 22nd 12-5pm

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